Pig Roasts


A Southern Tradition

Pig roasts have long been accompanied with celebrations and major events. Farming families would slaughter a pig at weddings, harvest celebrations, or major holidays like Christmas or New Year’s. The pig slaughter, and subsequent pig roast, was cause for celebration for the whole community, bringing people together over food and fun.

In Eastern North Carolina, the pig roast is still an active tradition – though we know it as a “pig pickin’.” The essentials of the pig pickin’ involve slow-roasting a whole or half-pig for 12-16 hours with seasoning, until the pork is tender enough to pull apart with a fork. Serve with whatever seasonal vegetables you like, and you have a meal fit for royalty.

Tpig-pickin1he Right Stuff

Here at Creative Catering By Wanda, we have refined the pig pickin’ to an art form. As you can imagine, roasting a whole hog for most of a day means you need specialized equipment to carry it off without burning or undercooking the meat. We have top-of-the-line roasters large enough to handle a whole hog, but portable enough to cook and serve your food on-site.

Our setup is far more hygenic and reliable than roasting over coals or an open fire – and when we’re done, we cart it away for cleanup back in Jarvisburg. No mess, no fuss!

A Taste of Heaven

How does Creative Catering By Wanda make the best Pig Pickin’?

Slow-Roast Pork

Slow-roasting pork represents the peak of meat preparation, and all of our chefs meet exacting standards in food preparation, quality, and safety. We work hard to make sure that every bite is delicious, from the start of your event to the very end.

Best-Ever BBQ Sauce

We may be biased, but we think Northeastern NC barbeque sauce is the best in the world. BJ spent years perfecting his own recipe, which seeps in with the soft pork and enhances its flavor. On the first bite you'll discover layer upon layer of flavor - spicy, sweet, salty, and a hint of sour tang.

Choice Sides

Every main dish of our pig pickin's is accompanied with excellent sides made with fresh, local produce. Fresh greens, salads, corn, potatoes, beans - the choice is yours. Even add additional main dishes and/or vegetarian options to round out your party.

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