The Final Touch

Among her many skills, Wanda is a licensed marriage officiant and has the authority needed to wed couples. What this means to you is that you don’t need to look any further for a professional officiant to perform your ceremony. What’s more, Wanda pulls off the role with panache, offering the finishing touch to a memorable event.

A Southern Finish

wanda-officiating1Wanda is a master at leading ceremonies. Whether your ceremony is a small family gathering or a large grand affair, she always remains smooth and confident at the front of the room. Regardless of its size, she has the charm and cheer needed to make your ceremony a romantic event.

Most ceremonies involve a small speech, be it a reading or other prepared speech, followed by a demonstration of commitment. You have probably been to a wedding where the couple lights a candle together, but for your wedding perhaps you’d like something a bit more original. Wanda has lots of ideas for making your ceremony as unique as you are, with many ideas celebrating Southern style and tradition. Of course, if you have something special in mind then Wanda can use her expertise to present it and make your wedding one to remember!

Ease of Mind

The last thing anybody wants during their wedding is finding out that the ceremony did not have the legal weight to wed the couple, forcing the couple and witnesses to head to the local county office for a marriage license and a rather anticlimactic second ceremony. Luckily, Wanda has the experience and sense enough to prepare all your paperwork before your ceremony – just a few quick signatures on the day, and the paperwork is complete.

Finally, working with Wanda helps you economize your wedding preparations. If you are using Wanda’s catering services as well, then having her officiate ticks one more item off your list! Make things easy for yourself: Catering by Wanda is your one-stop shop for organizing, officiating, and catering your wedding.