Catering Weddings

Your Needs, Your Menu

Your vision guides our work. We take care to communicate and listen, so we can help make your ideas come to life.

Fresh Local Foods

For the best-tasting dishes, we take advantage of the region's diverse and excellent produce for excellent cuisine and hors d'oeuvres.

Officiating Services

Head caterer Wanda offers officiating services alongside services for planning and directing wedding ceremonies.

Getting It Together

Event management, setup and breakdown, bartending services, and equipment rental from seating to glassware. We have everything you need for a successful wedding!


The Best for Your Big Day

At Creative Catering By Wanda, we are committed to bringing you the best wedding possible, while remaining sensitive to your needs. When it comes to the catering, that means exceptional food made from fresh and local ingredients. With a fantastic menu and highly professional service, Creative Catering By Wanda can make your wedding truly unforgettable.

Your Needs, Your Menu

We love to listen to you. Before every catered wedding, we sit down with you to get a sense of what menu you’d like to see at your wedding, and afterwards we keep open communication by email and phone for updates.

In the past, requests have varied widely based on the theme and size of the wedding. When clients know exactly what they want, we find the ingredients and tools needed to meet their requests. When clients have a more general idea, we generally hammer out details following a chat in person or over the phone. The final menu is sent to you well before the Big Day, so that you can confirm and tweak the selections.

Of course, your Wedding Cake needs extra care and attention. Luckily, we have specialists who can meet your every request. See our Wedding Cakes page for more details!

breads3Local Foods

All food tastes best when it comes from local sources, and eastern North Carolina is blessed to be a region home to diverse and exciting cuisine. Many of our seafood dishes are locally caught, and our famous Pig Roasts rely on local farmers. Unless otherwise specified, all of our vegetable sides are made from in-season local produce. Local produce adds taste and quality to every dish, and we make the most of it in our catering.

The Tools for the Job

rain-caterBig events, remote locations, poor weather – no problem. We have the kit necessary to cater to hundreds, and our mobile kitchen can get anywhere you want to go. For example, we’ve catered plenty of weddings in the 4×4 area in Corova – just a couple hours’ drive away, after all!

Our mobile kitchen features large-scale cooking equipment perfect for fish fries, pig pickin’s, seafood feasts, and our famous crab cakes. With plenty of food prep and storage, we can prepare just about everything fresh on-site.

We also have a wide range of other services available for the event. Wanda is a certified officiant, and her officiating services lend a touch of Southern charm to the ceremony. We also offer all sorts of other services – set-up and breakdown, seating and linens rental, dishes and glassware, bartending services, and much more.

Weddings are the start of the voyage of a lifetime. Let us take care of you, “Southern style,” to make sure that voyage gets a fantastic and memorable start.

I Love It! Where Do I Start?

If you’re at the very start of the planning stages, see our Catering Menu for our dishes and get some ideas for your own. If you’ve begun visualizing what you want, let us see how we can help:

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