Whether your event is casual or formal, your cake is often the centerpiece of the show. Creative Catering by Wanda custom-builds each cake for the occasion, ensuring that your cake matches your theme and tastes perfectly. No cookie-cutter cakes here! Wanda uses her expertise to create stunning cakes fit for royalty.


Weddings cakes come first to mind as special event cakes, and Wanda has made countless wedding cakes over the years. But let’s not ignore cakes for birthdays, retirement parties, baby showers, and more. See what we bring to the table with our Cakes for Special Events.


Each cake is custom-made, and here you can see just how custom they get. Sizes, prices, themes, designs, and much more are on display with our Cake Designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you customize wedding cakes?

Creative Catering by Wanda does use some set styles to generate ideas, but we customize all our cakes to each customer’s needs. Be sure to bring pictures, fabric swatches, and other resources if you have a custom style in mind.

What are my filling choices?

We offer a wide range of filling and icing choices, which include lighter fruit-flavored choices as well as heaver options like chocolate or peanut butter. Our filling and icing choices are available on our Cakes for Special Events page, or on our downloadable Cake Pricing Menu.

Can I have fresh flowers on my cake?

We work with local florists to provide fresh flowers for cake decoration. If you would like a cake with fresh flowers, let us know your florist so that we can ensure the flowers on your cake match those in your event.

How far in advance are wedding cakes prepared?

We have a large kitchen that allows us to bake and prepare cakes close to the event date, so that even on busy weekends we can prepare your cake close to the date of the event. Sealed and protected, our cakes maintain their freshness for at least three days prior to your event.

Who will bake my wedding cake?

Wanda is our chief baker and designer, and when she isn’t making decorations herself she oversees a small team of trusted pastry chefs to bake and prepare your cakes to perfection. Wanda has been baking wedding cakes since she began her catering business, so you can be sure that your cake will be a top-quality dessert.

Do you customize wedding cakes?

This question is usually asked when bakeries offer only selections of established decoration styles. While Creative Catering does use some established themes, they are more for generating ideas than limiting your options. We can customize each theme to suit your tastes; or, if you prefer, we can build a design from scratch based exclusively on your ideas and input.

How are your wedding cakes priced?

Like most bakeries, Creative Catering by Wanda prices our cakes by the serving. The price will increase depending on the complexity of flavors and fillings you’re after. This goes for custom-designed cakes as well. The more intricate the details, the higher the cost.

Is Creative Catering by Wanda licensed by the state?

Some people might find this to be a silly question, but it is important to find a baker that is licensed by the state health department. Creative Catering by Wanda is fully licensed by the State of North Carolina for food preparation services, including large-scale catering, mobile cooking equipment, and food delivery.